Abdallah Mambia

Media Producer

I’ve worked at Real2Reel since November 2010. During that time I’ve had the opportunity to dabble in a bit of everything from filming and editing to script writing and directing. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel around East Africa and meet with a number of inspiring people from maize farmers in Uganda and small-scale businessmen in Kenya, to Mafian fishermen and Masai in Ikona.

 As well as working on a number of documentaries, TV commercials and Radio spots this year, I have also had the unique opportunity to be the Assistant Director of our first TV show; The Dume Challenge.

 To me, film is more of a passion than a job - when I’m not working on projects with the company, I’m at home playing around with new software and watching films. I love traveling around the country in my spare time and take a camera with me wherever I go!

 It is great to work with such interesting people and on such diverse projects - no two days are the same and there is always something to learn. 


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