Heike Wolkerstorfer

Managing Director

Working for companies such as Twentieth Century Fox, UGC, Cineworld and Disney not only allowed her to walk the red carpet far too many times but also meant to watch over 300 movies a year. To say the least, she loves her movies. 

But then again there are only that many films one can watch hence after volunteering in 2007 for a month in Uganda, she knew that East Africa was the place she wanted to be. She finally packed her bags in 2012 and dared the move to Tanzania where she worked for an NGO in Moshi before joining R2R in April 2014. She now thoroughly enjoys being able to combine her passion for film with her desire to "make a difference."

Why Tanzania?: "Simply because it is a truly stunning country! Where else can you go swimming with whale sharks, go on safari and sail the Indian Ocean..all on one weekend?"  

Desert Island Disc?: "Hm...tough one...toss up between Mumford & Sons and good old ABBA" 

Best thing about living here?: "Early morning beach walks with my dog watching the sun rise behind Bongoyo Island"

Most Memorable Experience?: "Sitting with Mountain Gorillas in the Ugandan rainforest...utterly humbling and magical. A true 'Gorillas in the Mist' moment. 

Life Motto?: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible" - Audrey Hepburn





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