Phil Reader

Creative Producer

Originally from the UK, I came to Tanzania in 1998 and found my home. Since then I’ve been producing, writing, filming and editing radio and film productions. I specialise in Behaviour Change Communications and my passion is projects that lead to a positive social impact and the betterment of the lives of Tanzanians.


I find the country and people a constant source of inspiration. The bright colours and vibrant life of Tanzania has made it a great place to create and work. The power of media to promote positive change in the world drives me in every project that we undertake. Living in Dar, I love being by the sea and the opportunity to get together with friends, have a BBQ and kick back and relax. Being from England the Premier League is still close to my heart.


I’m passionate about producing quality products and am incredibly proud of the team we have here at Real2Reel. We believe that by promoting talent and sharing our breadth and depth of experience we have created a truly unique team.

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