DUME Campaign

Real2Reel was the creative agency and producer of the 360-degrees campaign to uplift and reposition the Dume condoms brand. 

The campaign included the production of the Dume condoms TVC, where a "real" man takes us on a fun journey through the busy and colorful streets of Dar Es Salaam, as well as music production, a music video, radio spots, print design and promotional materials, editorial articles and a very innovative television show, Dume Challenge.

Over 13 episodes, the Dume Challenge, promoted the use of condoms by creating a role model through a competition of 12 men who are judged on their ability to demonstrate a number of core values such as strength, intelligence and responsibility. An ambitious production, and a first for Real2Reel and Tanzania, that involved many locations, 35-strong crew, 9 cameras, 50 days of shooting and months of editing. The show was broadcasted live on ITV, in Tanzania. Visit our YouTube channel for the promo, fun clips and full, HD, episodes!

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