Euronews Reports

Euronews is a pan-European multilingual news television channel which is available in 300 million households in 151 countries worldwide. 

Considering that it is the most widely distributed news channel in Europe, we were very excited when they approached us requesting that we regularly create video reports covering issues in Tanzania and East Africa.

We have produced, up to now, four reports regarding education in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda for their Learning World section.

Our first report looked into the way in which schools in Zanzibar use purpose made radio programmes to assist the teachers and make learning more fun for the children, the second took a look at Mobile schooling techniques used by the Maasai tribe in the Morogoro Region, the third, presented a low-cost private school in Nairobi that provides affordable, high quality education to the children living in the temporary settlement of Soweto and the fourth examined educational approaches to the Rwandan Genocide.

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